September Success

Congratulations to band director Kenneth Joyner, of Neal Middle School in Durham, North Carolina for being our September success story!

Joyner grew up in Durham and attended Neal Middle School, where he is now band director.  As a student, he was involved in extracurricular activities like Boy Scouts and athletics, but he never felt passionately about them. That all changed when he began playing the clarinet in the school’s band. Playing in the band gave Joyner a creative outlet and encouragement that he just didn’t get from any other activity

Joyner also credits the improvement of his social skills as an outcome from playing in band, where he felt able to be himself and become a leader.

In college Joyner was in the marching band, where he continued to learn life skills and make memories through being a part of a group.

Due to financial difficulties, Neal Middle School dropped its music program in 2010.  But, thanks to STM, the school’s music program is back and Joyner is the full-time band director!

Joyner has not only found his passion in music, but is able to do what he loves daily, and that’s help kids to find passion, acceptance and encouragement through music, just like he did in middle school.


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